You can become a part of the programme in one of the five countries that are implementing it (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania), depending on where you are residing. To join you need to fill out a simple application form, and our local team will get in touch with you.

Once you create your account, you will get the chance to tell us more about the social business idea you are having. 


At first, you need to enter some basics details: the name of your idea, and elevator pitch, what is the area where you are hoping to make an impact, the location (city and country).


Then you will have the space to tell us more about the problem you would like to solve, how does your solution look like, what is the impact you are hoping to create and if you have an idea for a business model to make it sustainable. You can also upload any files that might be relevant for us to see, as well as team members, in case you want to work on your idea with someone. 


You can request Request Refinement Advice at any time - simply send the request and one of our mentors will come back to you with feedback on how can you improve your social business idea.

Refinement is an opportunity to get feedback on your idea, and then “refine” it. Our mentors are dedicated to support your entrepreneurial ideas, and are happy to help you with whatever questions you might have.

Growing the potential of youth to create change