5 Reasons for Millennials to Choose Social Entrepreneurship

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Millennials or Generation Z is the common name given to people who were born between 1991 and 2001. We are the people who check Facebook first thing in the morning, do not invest much in real estate or automobiles, and choose sharing economy platforms every time to plan traveling.

For millennials traditional working places don´t make any sense. Neither do traditional business models. We love flexible hours, spaces for motivation and jobs which inspire us. And that´s why here I have 5 reasons for every millennial to go for social entrepreneurship.

1. Because we are these terrific, ambitious people who are going to change the world!

Now, slow down a little… “Change the world” is the cliché phrase for your college essays. Social entrepreneurs must be much more realistic. Combating global warming, stopping the wars and defeating world hunger can be quite tricky tasks to accomplish, but you can always start small to make an impact. Look around your community, the place where you live or the place where you study, see the problem that scratches your heart and try to find a solution. You`ll fail a few times or maybe even more, but in the process you`ll learn a lot and change not only your life, but others´as well.

2. Because money is not enough to feel fully satisfied with your job

First things first, as any kind of business, social entrepreneurship is about making money. It´s not enough to be only Mother Teresa, you should be Steve Jobs as well. But just having a lot of money is not enough to live fully. We need our life to have a purpose, to use our skills to benefit a cause, to make this planet even a slightly better place to live (here I use one more “college essay phrase”, but this one is TRUE).

3. Because social entrepreneurship is not just about business but also a lifestyle

Choosing to be a social entrepreneur is also about choosing the person you want to be. You will need to work hard, worry a lot not only about your own problems, but about the problems of others. You´ll need to find a right business model, to make sure your enterprise is self-efficient; you´ll face many challenges and tons of obstacles. But you will also be the one who inspire others, a role-model, a leader, a game-changer. Going to bed you won´t have to worry that you have not made an effort or that you have not tried enough.

4. Because social entrepreneurs are not querulous

 There are tons of people in this world who are constantly complaining about the things they don´t like but do nothing to change them. They expect the government to solve all their problems or whine about the taxes they pay which are never spent efficiently. Do you want to be this kind of person? Of course, not. Social entrepreneurs are strong enough to face the reality and start changing their communities´fate by their own hands and brains. ´Cause as Shakespeare would say, the fault is not in our stars, dear Brutus…

5. Because you can do it part-time

If you feel intimidated about being a role-model or think that you are not competent enough to be a social entrepreneur, don´t feel bad about it. You can start by volunteering in one of the social Enterprises or by entering various competitions. You can find numerous free online courses or maybe learn the experiences of successful entrepreneurs firstly. You can do all these things and study at university as well or have another job. Main point is very simple: you just have to start somewhere.

Reading this blog, you must have had this kind of question in your head all the time: Okay, I´m a millennial, I have lots of ideas and I want to change the world, where should I start? Well, one of the ways is to participate in competitions, like Social Impact Award. Social Impact Award will help you to acquire necessary skills and find the people to work with. Honestly, it has never been as easy to do good things as it is now in the 21st century – you have no excuses left for procrastination.

Go for social entrepreneurship, make an impact!


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